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Assault charges are damaging to your record. When someone performs a background check, they may simply see the word “assault” and draw conclusions about your character. This label doesn’t tell the full story, and it doesn’t allow you to explain your situation. You could be automatically denied a job, housing, and so on.

This fact is particularly unfair when you realize that, technically, assault doesn’t always include a directly violent act.

If you’ve been accused of assault, you need a good lawyer to stand by your side. Attorney Hector Peña is “one of your own.” An English and Spanish-speaking Texan, Mr. Peña knows how to work within the system to help you receive the justice you deserve. With years of experience, he will fight hard to help you preserve your innocence.

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Defining Assault

Texas blends both assault and battery into one charge. This is not entirely fair, since assault does not always involve direct acts of physical violence.

You could be charged with assault for:

  • Spitting at someone
  • Yelling threats at someone
  • Entering someone’s personal space
  • Throwing something at someone, even if the object is harmless

Our firm is here to help you tell your side of the story. We want to show the court what really happened, revealing how innocent acts can be misinterpreted as instances of assault.

Domestic Assault

Most of us share an image of domestic assault. We imagine a raging, unhinged person terrorizing their immediate family.

While situations like that do exist, they do reveal the entire picture. Legally, domestic assault is a broad crime. People can be accused of domestic violence, even when they barely know the other person involved. 

By law, domestic assault can happen between:

  • Close Family Members
    Family members could be estranged, not speaking for years. If they get into a fight over Thanksgiving dinner, however, at least one of them could be charged with domestic violence.
  • Any Romantic Partners
    You could be accused of domestic assault against someone you just started dating. Perhaps you run into an ex you haven’t seen in years, and it escalates into a fight. This could also result in a domestic crime. In fact, you could be accused even if you had a one-night stand with the alleged victim.
  • People Who Share a Living Space
    This includes roommates, even when they have no relationship outside the home.

Aggravated Assault

A simple assault charge can be elevated to aggravated assault when:

  • The alleged victim suffered serious injuries.
  • The alleged offender uses a weapon. Again, no direct violence is necessary for the charge. Simply brandishing a weapon could be considered aggravated assault.


Assault Penalties in Texas

Simple Assault with No Injury

Class C misdemeanor; fines up to $500

Simple Assault Involving an Athlete or Sports Official

Class B misdemeanor; jail up to 180 days; fines up to $2,000

Simple Assault Resulting in Injury

Class A misdemeanor, jail up to 1 year; fines up to $4,000

Other Simple Assault Charges

If the alleged victim is pregnant or is a public servant (such as a firefighter or government employee):

Third-degree felony; prison up to 10 years; fines up to $10,000

Aggravated Assault

Second-degree felony; prison between 2 and 20 years; fines up to $10,000

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    If you need a lawyer Hector Peńa is your answer. He's one of the best, good results, and fast. He knows what he's doing, take my word for it.

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    I'm really grateful for Mr.Hector Pena and his team, for being very caring and supportive through the entire case settlement process. If you are looking for an Attorney Mr. Pena is the greatest in his field. He is very humble and knowledgeable and handles every case with professionalism. I will strongly recommend to friends and family.

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